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Built To Last All Weathers

Alpro® Water Resistant Plywood is the perfect answer to the growing scarcity of primary & secondary wood such as teak, sal etc as the prices of furniture grade raw wood & wastage incurred in the process of converting it to flat, usable from, is becoming increasingly prohibitive in term of cast & trained manpower availability. Manufactured from high quality selected & well-seasoned hardwood timber, Alpro® Plywood undergoes stringent quantity control & test both during & after manufacturing. resulting in a product far more superior to even the primary & secondary wood in term of strength, stability & durability, which is ideal for external as well internal application.


Salient Features

  • Manufactured in strict adherence to IS:303/89 (Plywood)

  • Bonded with superior grade PF Synthetic Resin Adhesive Conforming to IS:848-1974,thereby making it Boiling Water Resistant / Proof. 

  • Chemically treated to make it resistant to borer and termites.